Baby Transitional Swaddle Sack with Arms Up Half




The TRANSITIONAL SWADDLE SACK allows baby to SELF-SOOTHE and promotes BETTER SLEEP and SAFER SLEEP; Perfect for babies who prefer to sleep with ARMS UP babies who are starting to rollover and babies able to break out of a traditional swaddle

LITTLE SLEEVES with BIG PURPOSE; The 1/2-length uniquely-shaped sleeves with mitten cuffs closed provide partial suppression of Startle Reflex to help baby SLEEP BETTER and if baby rolls onto tummy baby can push up to reposition head to access air

EASIEST way to wean from traditional swaddle; TSS is not a tight swaddle nor a loose sack; May seem small but SNUG FIT around tummy and shorter sack support legs in flexed position help baby feel secure to SLEEP BETTER; Can adjust neck size with zipper


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