Franklin Sports Spyder Pong Tennis




TWO GAMES IN ONE: Spyder Pong brings all the fun of table tennis and volleyball into one super-fun action-packed game!

FULL GAME SET INCLUDED: This set comes with (!) Spyder Pong table, (2) table tennis paddles, (1) small spyder ball for paddle play, and (1) large spyder ball for hand play. This set also comes with (1) inflation pump with needle

EASY ASSEMBLY: The Spyder Pong table is designed to assemble in minutes with no tools necessary! Simply assemble the frame and apply the quick-attach net to play!

HIGH TENSION NET: This net is secured with self stick straps and sized perfectly to maintain a high-tension surface for consistent, reliable bounces

INDOOR & OUTDOOR PLAY: This game is designed to play indoors and outdoors so you can take it on the go to the beach, the backyard, or anywhere the fun takes you!

Franklin’s SpyderPong has revolutionized the recreational sport era by combining table tennis, volleyball, & 4-square into 1 action-packed game. The game can be played both indoor as well as outdoors by incorporating newly engineered reversible leg stakes. The sport can be played with as many as 6 people (3 on each side) and enjoyed by all ages. This is the perfect sport to stir up a crowd at any sporting event or BBQ. Grab your set and come join the party.


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